All products in the Stella Nicole® range are made out of polymer clay, unless stated otherwise, and assembled using hypoallergenic stainless steel components. Polymer clay is a durable and lightweight material but still requires care to ensure longevity, especially when designs are intricate or delicate.


1. Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

2. Avoid contact with cosmetics, fragrances, and/or chemicals as these substances can damage the appearance of your jewellery and cause discolouration.

3. Remove all items when in the shower or swimming.

4. Do not bend as this can weaken the material.

5. Avoid bumps or drops.

6. Wear your jewellery last and remove first to ensure longevity.

7. Wipe your items between wears only with a damp cloth or water wipe.


Please do NOT allow children to play with, chew, or wear your jewellery as they can be potential choking hazards.